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The original Republican Party, often referred to as the "Party of Lincoln," is most often associated with bringing an end to slavery. This book examines the true motives of Abraham Lincoln and other Republican leaders. Although the primary focus is on the period between July of 1863 and November of 1864, when Lincoln had been abandoned by Republicans, it also details their plan to establish a "White Christian Dynasty" in the Western Territories of the United States. In addition, it explains how after a decade of defending slavery in the South, the Party adopted a new platform which proclaimed that they were motivated by God's anger to perpetuate a war against evil.

While pointing out the numerous failures by the nation's founders to address the issue of slavery, this book dispels several myths which have become popular in today's society. It also shows how the Republican's complete control of the Federal government for more than a quarter century has impacted the country. Most importantly, it shows how the continued struggle over the power of government has defined American politics; liberal ideologies which contend that the government can solve all the problems of the people and conservative ideologies which contend that the people can solve all the problems of the government. This incredible story is both revealing and shocking. It highlights issues in America's past that few historians have ever focused on.

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Rebuke and Forever Silence

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